Glam, the newest addition to the family of venues from M Restaurant Group, is upping the glam factor in Shanghai! Opened on September 1st with interiors, graphics and lighting design completed by Duncan Miller Ullmann (DMU), Glam, a chic new dining lounge & bar, brings renewed life and energy to the heart of The Bund. Designing for the established restaurateur Michelle Garnaut (the “M” behind the infamous M on the Bund) requires one key aspect to truly render her vision. How did DMU do it? By spending time with her. Digging deep to help Garnaut develop her concept, DMU spent a lot of time discussing the target audience, market and brand DNA. Approaching this project intuitively, the designers fed from Garnaut’s vault of knowledge and let her contagious passion spread. With one little sketch that opened her eyes to all that could be done, the journey of design began. The result is a space that feels personal, inviting and inspiring, a place to dine, socialize and share. The lounge bar restaurant boasts deep rich jewel tones, displaying an array of bespoke furniture in a space punctuated by irradiant surfaces, where art takes center stage to curate part of the owner’s expansive collection. DMU was particularly selected not only for their experience and deep understanding of the F&B operations, but also for their combination of international and local knowledge. “I needed designers who would understand both the global and local market”, says Garnaut. Interior Design Director, Stephanie Clift, and Principal Eric D Ullmann put together a strong design team including Sergio Boccia & Lily Wang for lighting design, Eveline Pwee & Yuki Jiang for graphics, and Martin Fan for interior design. Having control over the multiple design elements enabled an overall cohesive image and concept. Entering the space through a glittering crystal waterfall, the foyer glows in a silver leaf wall covering where eccentric art is wrapping the walls and ceiling. This "Food Ladies Collection" features figures from Shanghai in her halcyon days vigorously mixed with contemporary food images and was custom designed exclusively for Glam by artist/writer/cinematographer Christopher Doyle (In the Mood for Love / Chongqing Express). Chris describes the works to be "suggestive of plates & platters, the shared food experience that we know at home." Passing through a second set of crystal curtains reveals Glam with its richness in colors, layering of fabrics, and comfortable surroundings. The color palette is inspired by the vast array found in a peacock feather, rich dark tones with fanciful bright accents. Verdant and seductive, the emerald green and deep blue hues found on the walls are a feast for the eyes. In keeping with M Restaurant Group’s signature penchant for cultured streak, visual art takes centre stage at Glam. The space features a thoughtfully curated arrangement of artworks, many from Michelle Garnaut’s own personal collection. The furniture has been redesigned and refinished in collaboration with StellarWorks. An impressive array of different chairs and tables is displayed, each unique and bespoke, yet seamlessly merged into one elegant style. Diners can enjoy meals in the lounge seating area or sat at the more traditional warm wood dining tables. Imondi wood floors complete the inviting scene. A featured high top wine table will be a place to gather under the Compass lights by Appartus Studio. Wine enthusiasts will be able to enjoy any of the 38 wines offered in the Cruvinet wine dispensing units, inviting guests to taste as they please. A playful way to explore different food and wine pairings from the menu. The original bar façade was dismantled and re-used on the far wall and the new bar front, catching the eye with its champagne tone reflective surface. Bartenders stand on a sunken floor to accommodate interactions with guests comfortably perched on the custom leather stools. In the east corner, banquette seating allows to contentedly watch the river view and snuggle up in this Kissing Corner. A feature wall coated with Texan designer Brenda Houston wall covering’s latest collection frames the seating area. The mural, inspired by the intricate and naturally beautiful pattern of fluorite, shows an impressive overblown view of the stone. Created in accordance with Michelle Garnaut’s philosophy of up-cycling and re-using, DMU has deconstructed, designed and curated, creating one of their most inviting space yet. Details: 242 sq meters / 150 seating capacity / Glam is located at 5 on the Bund, 7F West, Shanghai / Open seven days a week, from 5pm until late.