Founded in 1989, Duncan Miller Ullmann has grown from a nightclub and restaurant design firm into a pre-eminent global hospitality interior consultancy. With full service operations in the United States and China, our staff executes projects spanning from the United States to the Caribbean, UAE, Asia and India.

Our commitment to innovative and timeless design is grounded in reverence to economic viability. While it is important to push the design boundaries for a project, it is equally important to respect the bottom line. Whether the project is a casino or boutique hotel, a resort or urban hotel, or even a standalone restaurant, we approach all projects similarly. This approach has been successful at establishing a significant base of repeat clients.


At Duncan Miller Ullmann, our principals are involved in every project from the initial kick-off meeting to the final installation of furnishing and artwork. Throughout the project, they are supported by teams of interior designers and architects that have been schooled at accredited colleges and universities from all over the world.

Our multilingual staff has been trained to approach each job with deft care, whether large or small. We carefully select teams that complement your project and project partners, to ensure the time spent with you is harmonious and productive.

Kimberley Miller

CEO & Design Principal

Eric Ullmann

President & Design Principal

Chad Rogers

Vice President

Paula Azevedo

Vice President of Design

Gaurav Gupta

Director, Asia

Chris Michero

Creative Director

Wendy Mancha

Director of Procurement

Andrew Wegwert

Director of Lighting Design

Andrew Dang

Director of Technical Design

Barbara Crittenden

Director of Business Development + Marketing

Rose Wallace

Director of Visualization

Theresa Zavala

Senior Project Designer

Brittany Cutler

Senior Project Designer

Pamela Vaughan

Senior Project Designer


Our commitment to innovation is fundamental to our approach. While all members of our staff continually strive to create new and unique environments they ensure the design is both timeless and financially prudent for the project. While it is important to push the design boundaries for a project, it is equally important to respect the bottom line. Across the spectrum of project types from a small bar to a vast casino - we approach all projects similarly.

We have developed strong service complements to our core Interior Design services – Lighting, Signage, Branding, Art and Procurement. These can be coupled with our Interior Design to leverage communication, project management and time efficiencies of having everything under one roof, so to speak.